Rev. 00 Year 2016
Process design covered by Official Patent N° 0001383582
Applicant: Termochimica Impianti
Inventor: Antonio Venturelli

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Deaeration is the mechanical removal of dissolved gasses such as oxygen and carbon dioxide from a fluid.

Feedwater to the boller should contain less than 0.005 cc of 02 per liter (7 ppb) which is the usual guarantee of Deaerator suppliers.

Termochimica's Spray & Tray Deaerators Incorporate a strong basis design that assure the above mentioned performance over vaiying loads of incoming water.

The process of Termochimica Deaerators involves two main stages in which the steam and water move in apposite directions (see figure "Internal Diagrams"):..

1) cold water enters at the top of deaerating tower in order to be sprayed through special designed stainless steel spray-valves into a steam atmosphere. Self -adjusting spring-loaded spray valves provide the breaking down of water into thin films or droplets . By this action, the distance a bubble of gas has to travel to be released, is greatly reduced and a large percentage of the gases are removed in this section .

2) in the second stage the water rains through a series of special designed stainless steel perforated trays , countercurrent to the steam . Fresh gas-free steam enters from the bottom of deaerating tower and flows upwards scrubbing out the last traces of the residual oxygen and carbon dioxide. Efficient scrubbing is essential to achieve 7 ppb of oxygen effluent quality.

Gases O2 and CO2 mixed with a little steam flow-rate , are discharged to the external atmosphere through vent nozzles completed with calibrated orifices and vent condenser direct-contact type. Since 1969 Termochimica supplied Deaerators to the main EPC Companies or Users involved in power stations , such as ABB Lummus , Agip Gas, Alstom Power, Enelpower, Formosa Chemicals, Fisia Italimpianti, Foster Wheeler, JGC Corporation, Koch Glitsch, Nuovo Pignone , Tecnimont, Snamprogetti, Standard Fasel Lentjes. The performances of deaeration granted by Termochimica are based on dedicated processes developed by experienced engineers and project managers which enable Termochimica to design and supply Deaerators guaranteed to meet full compliance with the requirements of our customers.

A team of experienced engineers enables Termochimica to satisfy all requirements in terms of Codes, Directives and severe Specifications which are strictly examined by Termochimica before issuing the construction drawings, calculations, procedures, fabrication-programs and any other project documentation during the job.

Termochimica disposes an highly qualified list of manufacturers for the construction of pressure parts according to our design.
Termochimica's manufacturers guarantee the contractual delivery date and make promise for prompt action in case of variations required by customers during the job. Useful expediting is made by Termochimica to supervise the main tests in workshop , including the insertion and fixing of our special internals in deaerating towers before shipment.

Termochimica's field service is available on site in order to assist with installation, commissioning and any additional service needs.

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